My Secret For Getting Results

As humans with a relatively short-term sense of time (can you remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday?) we are usually impatient to see results. 

We want to see change NOW! 

A friend posted a cute quote on her social media yesterday that read:

*Eats one piece of kale.*
Now we wait. 

It cracked me up, but also struck a chord - because that's how our society is! 

We want the get-thin quick scheme. We want the get-rich-quick scheme. We want anything other than to put in the work to eat healthier, exercise daily, and lose those ten pounds over three months rather than thirty days. Anything besides saving and investing 10-20% of our income every paycheck, year in and year out. 

There are definitely ways to get thin quick and get rich quick, and most of them are pretty unhealthy and tend to bounce back the other way just as quickly. 

A select few of us will choose the slower route. It ain't sexy...but it does contain this little piece of magic: the compound effect. 

Do you know what compound interest does to your investments? If you chart it out, it looks like an upward curve. Slight gain in the earlier years, then as the interest is compounded, the curve gets steeper and steeper, until it shoots through the roof! 

And it can be the same with health. When I transformed my lifestyle and lost my excess weight, I made little to no visible progress for the first six months - but I was working on some things behind the scenes (finances, career, relationship, self-love). When I hit a certain point, I was able to start making different decisions about my eating habits, and I started releasing my extra weight faster and faster. It felt effortless - because all of the effort had been put in beforehand. 

What if I had felt discouraged during those first months and just given up? Decided I was going to feel chubby forever, and just say yes to that cupcake at the next work party, and help myself to thirds at the next potluck. 

But I didn't. I KNEW I could get back to where I wanted to be, I KNEW that this was my true self. I knew that if I didn't get up, I could ONLY succeed. 

So the next time you're feeling like progress is going just a liiiiitle too slowly, remember that the most visible gains are made towards the end - the most important thing is that you're making PROGRESS, that you're BUILDING on your growth, or your health. Or really any other area of your life that you want to see progress in. 

If you still need a little nudge, I highly recommended these two books that will TOTALLY psych you up to maintain your progress: The Slight Edge and The Compound Effect.